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Class Topics

Beginner's Class Homepage

Class 1: Getting Started     Introduction, Meet & Greet
    About Classes & Classroom     Supplies for Classes
    Winding the Shuttle

Class 2: Beginning to Tat
    Learn a Double Stitch - DS, ds
    How to Tat a Ring - R
    About Reverse Work - RW
    About Picots - p

Class 3: More Techniques
    Adding a Thread
    Tatting a Chain - Ch
    Do Not Reverese Work - DNRW
    Up Join & Down Join
    Intro to Pattern Reading

Class 4:
    Self Closing Mock Ring
    Thrown Off Rings (TOR)

Class 5:
    Playing with Picots
    Shoe Lace Trick - SLT
    Tatting Split Rings - SpR

Class 6:
    Self Closing Mock Ring
    Shoe Lace Trick - SLT
    Tatting Split Rings - SpR

Beg. Class Logs



Beginner's Shuttle Tatting Class 4


Class 4 Preparation: (supplies not provided by class)
  • 2 Shuttles
  • Thread: 2 colors
  • Scissors, crochet hook
  • Pattern: Joanna by Laura Bziukiewicz (rounds 1&2 only)
  • Bonus Pattern: Tea Towel Edging Adapted by Kendra Goodnow

FOLDED JOIN - Class Video: Folded Join

Sometimes you'll hit a spot where a bunch of rings will be made one after the other with their bases touching. Joining the first ring to the last ring in such a flower is kind of challenging because of the angle that your current ring approaches the first ring. The picot is not in the position it should be for easy joining.

SHUTTLE LOCK JOIN (SLJ) - Class Video: Shuttle lock join

A lock join occurs when the core thread of a chain is closer to the joining picot than the working thread. You join the core thread to the picot by means of a knot.
The lock join is so named because the previous work is locked in place, so before making this join, always make sure the previous chain is SNUG and the size/shape that you want. You can undo this join, but it can be rather difficult.

You can read more about it in a classic lesson from the On-Line Class here.

In general, a lock join does not count in the double stitch count, and one usually makes a full ds after it.

Have fun tatting, we'll see you in class!

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