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Fall Classes Begin
Monday, September 13th, 2021

Beginning Shuttle Tatting: Mondays 7:00 p.m. EST
Intermediate Shuttle Tatting: Tuesdays 4:00 p.m. EST
Advanced Shuttle Tatting: Wednesdays 4:00 p.m. EST
Beginning Needle Tatting: Thursdays 4:00 p.m. EST

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Class Topics

Beginner's Class Homepage

Class 1: Getting Started     Introduction, Meet & Greet
    About Classes & Classroom     Supplies for Classes
    Winding the Shuttle

Class 2: Beginning to Tat
    Learn a Double Stitch - DS, ds
    How to Tat a Ring - R
    About Reverse Work - RW
    About Picots - p

Class 3: More Techniques
    Adding a Thread
    Tatting a Chain - Ch
    Do Not Reverese Work - DNRW
    Up Join & Down Join
    Intro to Pattern Reading

Class 4:
    More Pattern Reading
    Folded Ring
    Shuttle Lock Join - SLJ

Class 5:
    Playing with Picots
    Shoe Lace Trick - SLT
    Tatting Split Rings - SpR

Class 6:
    Self Closing Mock Ring
    Thrown Off Rings (TOR)

Beg. Class Logs



Beginner's Shuttle Tatting Class l - Getting Started

Video Replay: 9/13/21:


  • Introduction to your Teacher, Angie K and meet your Classmates
  • Learn about the classes & classroom guidelines
  • Learn about supplies for Tatting
  • Winding the Shuttle
Class 1 Preparation: (supplies not provided by class)
  • Organize your supplies.
  • Begin a tatting notebook, binder, workbook, index cards or other organization method for notes, handouts, and samples.
  • Optional:
    • Pic of picot gauge
    • Pic of their “beginner tatting binder”
    • Pic of anything from the “optional list”
TATTING SUPPLIES - Class Video: Supplies needed and used in shuttle tatting
Supplies are very simple and as inexpensive or as expensive as you want to make it.


  1. Necessary:
    1. Shuttles: at least 1 or 2, (post or bobbin, plastic or not, w/without hook or pick)
      You can make your own flat ones from any sturdy material that you can cut, for example, quilting template, or from shrink plastic.

    2. Thread: two colors of cotton crochet or tatting thread. Please no smaller than size 20. (The higher the number the thinner the thread - save that size 80 for when you have more confidence)

    3. Crochet hook

    4. Scissors (or a favorite cutting implement for your thread)

    5. Tatting pin/pick, smaller size embroider/tapestry needle with blunt end

    6. Something to take notes with/ office supplies to stay organized.

  2. Optional/Helpful
    1. Thread magic
    2. Picot Gauge/ Bare thread space gauge
          Options to make your own:
        1. Credit card
        2. Thread bobbins
    3. Poster Board/Mounting Putty
    4. Needle threader/floss threader
    5. Beads/ Beading Needle
    6. 3-ring binder
    7. Report covers or “game day” sleeves
    8. Dry erase marker
    Supply Source:
        Handy Hands is a wonderful internet source for Tatting and Needlework Supplies.

WINDING SHUTTLE - Class Video: How to wind a tatting shuttle with thread
    1. Post Style
      1. Windmill
      2. Walk on
    2. Bobbin Style:
      1. Stick it on the end of shuttle, or a pencil
      2. Use the bobbin winder on a sewing machine

      TIPS: If using a shuttle w/ a hook – point hook away from you so no snagging.
      If using a pick “backwards” be sure you don’t skewer yourself – OUCH

    Happy Tatting! We will see you in class.

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