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WE'RE EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THAT Tamie Montgomery, who makes the Online Tatting Classes videos, is the New Teacher of these Monday Classes.

These classes cover Intermediate and Advanced Tatting Techniques and may include a pattern once a month.

To join the fun and learning please send an email Tamie at tamiestatting@gmail.com including your name—first and last, and location—city, state/country and you will recieve a reply with the details to attend class.

Class Session Times In USA:

The first one-half hour of each session is for Needle Tatting or Chat Time

First Class Session: 2:30 Eastern, 1:30Central, 12:30 Mountain and 11:30 Pacific times.

Second Class Session: 8:00 Eastern, 7:00 Central, 6:00 Mountain and 5:00 Pacific times.


Lesson & Logs 2020

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ClassTatting Videos!
3 YouTube channels:

1. Beginning Shuttle Tatting

2. Beginning Needle Tatting

3. Advanced Tatting

Tatting Resources!

Jane Eborall's Tatting Techniques & Patterns

Palmetto Tatters Guild Standard Tatting Notation

Karen Cabrera's Spanish Language Tatting Tutorials


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