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The online tatting class meets on Monday afternoons 2:30PM. questions and answers for beginners and needle tatting, regular class study and new patterns begins at 3PM ET (New York time) and Monday nights 8PM questions and answers for beginners and needle tatting, regular class study and new patterns begins at 8:30PM ET (New York time) All beginners are encouraged to stay and participate in the regular tatting class afterwards. Save the lessons for when you are ready to try them out.

The beginners tatting class meets on Thurs. 3PM and 8:30PM ET (New York time) and is led by Cynthia, and many helpers. To join, please email Visit the beginners' class website today!

Hi gentle tatters and welcome to the summer session. I am Cyn Stevenson (I live in Stillwater OK) and I mentor the beginner class. I will be in the online classroom from 3-4 and again from 8:30-9:30 Eastern time on Thursdays to answer questions that come up. (Don't be late as at 3:15 for the early event and 8:45 for the late event if no one is there to chat I can leave with a clear conscious that no one needs help today.)

The lesson material can be found at: intro pages

I do not do formal classes in the summer but the class schedule will resume September 11. You can work thru the material--at your own pace during the summer and come to the open beginner chats with any questions or if you can't make the chats you can email questions and I will answer when I am online and not at work. You can also join us in the fall for the additional help you will get from having other questions answered.

We do have 3 Thursdays over the summer where I am teaching a Summer Special Event. Those dates are June 19 (Patriotic theme). July 17 (Christmas in July) and August 21 (Summer Theme). The June event might be over your ability as a beginner. The skills will be rings and chains, split rings, and reading a complex pattern. Once you have been thru the class you should be able to do the pattern. I am willing to walk you thru how to do split rings at the class or during the regular class the open question weeks.

I have another email that I often use as the gmail is forwarded to my yahoo account. That email is I promise no ads or spam and yes I have a home based business selling custom fit bras. (last you will hear on this topic unless you ask specifically--then only answers no spam.)
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To join the online tatting class, email name, hometown, state or country, email address and screen name to: No fees, just tatting fun! You do not have to attend class in person. You are welcome to follow along with the lessons and email if you have questions. (All info confidential, you may send just hometown if preferred. This helps us to locate tatting buddies and local guilds for new tatters.)

You will receive the lesson notes by email thru the messages. After you register, you will receive an invitation to join the tatlist/Online Tatting Class group which you need to accept to get the tatlist notes.

Cynthia and her many helpers are our volunteer teachers hosting the beginning tatting lessons which are taught in a repeating series of three lessons; lesson 1 first week of the month, lesson 2 second week of the month, and lesson 3 third week of the month following by review and special projects on off weeks. All are welcome to volunteer. See details:

Many thanks to Cynthia Stevensen, Anne Bruvold, Mimi Dillman and all the volunteers for their years of volunteer work with the beginning tatting class.

What does the online tatting class offer?

You will have lots of fun and maybe learn a bit, too.

This is the link to this year's lesson page:

Click a few links. You will see the very simplest of designs:

lessons that challenge us:

lessons that teach us:

lessons that preserve the old:

and lessons that inspire us to use new techniques:

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Bienvenidos a la Clase de Frivolité en Espańol. Sábados a las 3 pm (hora de Puerto Rico)Join Schwarino in the tatting class for Spanish-speaking tatters on Saturdays at 3PM ET (New York time)

The Palmetto Tatters Guild offers scholarships to tatters to attend their annual Tatting Days (September 2012.) Hours of tatting fun are punctuated by laughter and learning from the greatest variety of teachers. All skill levels are welcome. To apply for a scholarship please visit:Palmetto Tatters Guild.

"Tatting! A Blast from the Past!!"
September 7-9 2012, Toccoa, Georgia, USA

The Online Tatting Class supported the scholarship fund in 2008 with the preparation of the tatting pattern booklet, "Flowers of Lace Put a Smile on Your Face!", a half-size, saddle-bound booklet, with 34 pages of patterns (21 separate patterns), photographs and poems-flowers for every month. This booklet represents donations of patterns from the on-line tatting classes. Thank you to ALL who so freely and generously offered their patterns and time. All profits are donated to the fund. Copies are available for only $12 + $2.50 (US Dollars). To order or get international postage rates, please contact Teresa.

We need a new topic for winter 2012.

If you have a question, topic to suggest for study, pattern or technique to share with the class, please send details. Mentors and guest hosts are needed for the classroom also. All are welcome to volunteer.

Happy Tatting! Georgia Seitz